Special awards: Beside the classic distinctions wines and wineries receive as a result of hierarchy made by the 56 international jurors, the organizers and partners offers a series of special awards for winemakers and producers: barriques, horticultural machinery, packing systems, products for the protection of the vineyards.

We invite you to value the efforts submitted by IWCB and register to the contest with as many wine samples as possible!

Global Wine&Spirits– the online market for goods which links wine producers from all over the world with the wine importers, has the pleasure to announce a new partnership with IWCB in 2017.

Berdj Keuylian, GWS Director: The benefit of the GWS members to participate at this contest is winning the additional recognition of their wines, IWCB being an important factor in growing industry, providing exposure for winemakers.

Catalin Paduraru, CEO IWCB: Communicating through GWS is efficient and honorable. […] I hope the success of our partnership will inspire other segments of wine industry to be connected and do business with and through this major aggregator.

IWCB– OIV&VINOFED Competition. The most important calibration and communication instrument for the wine market in this part of the world, with powerful benefical influences for all producers and purchasers.

GWS-connects wine and spirits producers with importers, distributors, agencies and other professional purchesors from all over the world.

4000 subscribed importers and thousands of producers trust GWB, developing business on this platform since 2000.

A company Media Interactive Technologies, subsidiary of Societe des Alcools du Quebec.

Contact info:
Phone (direct): +450-449-8721 | (Toll Free International) +800-2559-4630 | (Toll Free North America) + 866-255-9463
Email: info@globalwinespirits.com
Web: www.globalwinespirits.com

Book exposition dedicated to wine. In 2017, IWCB has an openness to public without precedent through different connected events. To those, is added a book exposition with romanian and international authors, translations and originals. There will be exposed books which are already on the romanian market, but also writings of foreign jurors who, beside their evaluation activities, are authors, educators, influencers in their own country or on global scale.

This event offers the public the opportunity to get in touch with the existing bibliography, for a better understanding of the international amplitude of the research, the philosophic, aestethic and economic thinking, having as main subject the WINE. The editors and the book distributors will be glad to add new titles to the record, romanian editions. Through this endeavour, IWCB hopes to enlighten the fact that wine is a phenomenon with a lot of dimensions which Romania must assimilate in a very short time. Therefore, getting the attention of the authorities, wine lovers, producers and understanding this, Romania will be able to enter the competition, from the same place as the other big wine powers.


Catalin Paduraru