VINARIUM 2023 ~ 20th Edition ~

VINARIUM 2023 took place in Ploiești, located in the Dealu Mare Wine Region, at the PRAHOVA PLAZA Hotel.

  • There were 1311 samples registered from 23 countries: Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Cyprus, Croatia, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Republic of Türkiye, Ukraine.
  • 250 producers / importers/ traders/ producers’ representatives) have registered their samples
  • Still wines, sparkling wines, and spirituous beverages of vitivinicultural origin were registered in the competition
  • 40.58% of the total registered samples originate from outside Romania – the organizing country.

There were judged as follows:

  • 1230 still wines
  • 70 sparkling wines
  • 11 spirits

The total number of judges was 41 (21 foreigners and 20 Romanians), originating from 16 countries: Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Moldova, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, UK.

The judging was carried out by 7 commissions of 5 judges/ commission. Each commission was led by a head of panel.

The official observers present in Ploiești were:

  • Mr. Real WOLFE, Canada, VINOFED Observer
  • Mr. Roberto GAUDIO, Italy, OIV Observer
  • Mrs. Anne Wies van OOSTEN, Netherlands, FIJEV Observer

The consensual average of each sample was calculated as an arithmetic average of the scores given by all jurors, after eliminating the extreme scores (i.e. the lowest and the highest scores were eliminated).

The new change consists in raising the thresholds for awarding medals.

Thus, 419 medals were awarded under the new OIV scoring system:

11 Great Gold Medals (scores between 93-100)

286 Gold Medals (scores between 89-92.9)

122 Silver Medals (scores between 85-88.9)

Even though the minimum score for the Silver Medal, according to the OIV Regulations, is of 85 points, due to the restriction according to which only 30% of the total number of samples can receive an award, the last score for the Silver Medal was 88,00.

Wineries from Azerbaijan, Italy, Republic of Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine won the 11 Great Gold Medals. You can view them here.

Special Prizes will be awarded by:

International Organizations VINOFED, FIJEV

Main Partner CORTEVA


The full list of VINARIUM 2023 results here.

The VINARIUM Team’s gratitude also goes to all the Partners of the contest, who supported this year`s edition.