• 1242 samples from 25 countries took part in the competition.
  • 40% of the total number of samples were from outside of Romania – the organizing country.
  • The jury was made of 48 international jurors from 15 countries, of which 23 jurors from Romania and 25 from other countries (Bulgaria, Chile, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Republic of Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, UK, USA).

The full list can be found at: https://www.iwcb.ro/en/jury-2021/

  • 3 Masters of Wine accepted the VINARIUM 2021 challenge, supporting the organizers with their entire experience.
  • Every commission was formed of 6 or 5 members, with every panel being chaired by a Head of Panel. The consensual average of each sample was calculated as an arithmetic average of the scores given by al jurors, after eliminating the extreme scores (i.e. the lowest and the highest scores were eliminated).
  • There have been awarded 396 medals:
    • 2 Great Gold Medals (92 – 100 points)
    • 274 Gold Medals (85 – 91.9 points)
    • 120 Silver Medals (84.25 – 84.9 points)
  • Even though the minimum score for the Silver Medal, according to the OIV Regulations, is of 82 points, due to the restriction according to which only 30% of the total number of samples can receive and award, the last score for the Silver Medal was 84.25.
  • 948 wines had a score equal to or higher than 82 points, representing 76.3% of the total samples in the contest.

  • For the second year in a row, the VINARIUM team (the Institute of Wine) moved the international judging – through a paid communication platform and a private one – into online.
  • At the National Research Centre for Food Safety the samples were prepared for delivery to the international jurors.
  • The samples arrived in record time at the jurors through express delivery organized by FAN COURIER. FAN COURIER, partner of VINARIUM, supervised the ‘trip’ of the tasting kits to each juror, which arrived in perfect conditions.
  • The tasting kit of every juror contained, next to the samples, a tasting glass and a thermometer for measuring the wine’s temperature. Concept and manufacturing by FUSION DESIGN.
  • The contest transmission was done from the multifunctional TV set of STAGE EXPERT from Bucharest
  • Responsible of the ‘look’ of VINARIUM 2021 was CREATIVE IMPACT, Costantin TUDOSE.

Congratulations to all the winners and makers of good wines!

The VINARIUM Team gratitude also goes to all the Partners of the contest, who supported this year`s edition.