Bucharest, the 17th of May 2019: The 16th edition of the International Wine Contest Bucharest – VINARIUM will take place in Bucharest, between the 23rd and the 26th of May 2019.

Points of interest:

IWCB VINARIUM will take place under the patronage of  OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine – www.oiv.int ) and VINOFED (World Federation of Major International Wine competitions. – www.vinofed.com )

IWCB VINARIUM will be hosted by the Museum of Romanian Records Museum of Romanian Records – www.museumofromanianrecords.com. In this unique place in Romania, the world’s largest collection of corkscrews can be found, with over 30.000 pieces. The world record was registered by the Guinness Book in 2015, when it had “only” 23.965 pieces.


The approximately 1.000 wines will be evaluated by judges from 15 countries.

The international body of judges consists of experienced specialists. With high degrees of qualification – WSET, ADAR authorised tasters, Masters of Wine, oenology PhD graduates. Must of the judges are also strong communicators.

One of the top 20 influencers/communicators of the World of Wine is Luiz Alberto, who will be present in Bucharest as an IWCB VINARIUM evaluator. The founder of the Winelover community (over 25.000 members worldwide) will meet the Romanian members during a joint event #Winelover – IWCB VINARIUM, at GASTROLAB-Wine & Food Experience, Victoriei Square.


Dr. Jean-Pierre Peynaud, the author of „The Psychological Processes of tasting” expressed his wish to be part of the jury at IWCB VINARIUM. The organizers are honoured by the presence of the researcher, son of the famous Émile Peynaud, an important personality in the world of wine-making research, author of the book „Découvrir le goût du vin”.


The IWCB VINARIUM judges will visit – in corpore –RO-Wine, the International Wine Festival of Romania, Saturday the 25th of May, where they will meet with the wine producers and importers. The visit is useful for every judge, but also for the exhibitioners who will be able to “live” check some of their wines, the power of their messages and so on.


New awards at IWCB VINARIUM:

  • VINOFED decided in the General Assembly in Berlin, in February 2019 to offer special awards! IWCB VINARIUM has been a member of the federation since 2017.

The red, rose and white still wines obtaining the highest scores will receive the VINOFED awards, and the IWCB is one of the first contests in the world to apply the decision of the World Federation of Major International Wine competitions, in order to increase global visibility, to the benefit of the award-winning wines.

  • FIJEV (International Federation of Wine and Spirit Journalist and Writers – www.fijev.org )  will, for the first time, offer an award for the wine selectioner with the most medal in the competition.



  • At IWCB VINARIUM, the need to correct the official history of wine-making in Romania was for the first time put forth. The direction and the flow of the Proto-Indo-European languages, the prehistoric migration, the Cucuteni Civilization, the proximity (including by land) with Georgia and Armenia (unanimously accepted in the academic community as the epicenter of “vitis vinifera”), the paleobotanic material found in Moldova, and dated to approximately 14-4500 BC, are all elements which, put together, outline the conclusion that vineyards were cultivated here as early as the first historical stage of wine-making.
  • The 16th edition of IWCB VINARIUM is also marked by the publication, for the first time, of the procedure to obtain the auditory stamp of wine. Practically for the first time in history, Dr. Cătălin Păduraru managed to create a standardized procedure, specific to each wine, which allows this nobel matter to be “heard”. Humanity if finally able to experience wine with all the five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Once sound/hearing is involved, wine can pretend the status of “art object”, so far denied by certain smarties, exactly because of this fact. Also, sound can be amplified and added to the label, in order to be heard by the consumer.
  • By including Dr. Dan Gherguț, an expert in statistical computation, into the technical board of the competition, IWCB VINARIUM foresees the creation of a few new evaluation methods, which are to be unitary and complete, using various statistical corection coeficients and mathematical calculations. The study will take place during a longer period and IWCB VINARIUM will pass the results over to OIV and VINOFED, so that they might adopt the new methods. The experience and the data which has been gathered during IX editions by the IWCB VINARIUM team are the basis for the scientific effort.


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