VINARIUM International Wine Contest announces: The XXI EDITION (May 23-26, 2024) is organized with the support of Ploiești City Hall and is held under the auspices of Ploiești- Capitala Tineretului din România  #LetsPLAY (the Youth Capital of Romania), Fundația Județeană pentru Tineret Prahova (the Prahova County Youth Foundation), EUROSPIRIT Association.

VINARIUM, by organizing and supporting the itinerant international competition in cities and county municipalities, exponents of the major wine-growing centers in the country, sets benchmarks of collective prosperity in these areas, this year coherently subscribing – in terms of Partnership – to the projection and actions of the local authorities of Ploiești :

– Creating the well-being context, integrating young people into the community and creating the ecosystem for them, all with a view to a future in which young people can find themselves.

– VINARIUM reveals the real chances of entrepreneurship in Ploiești – the capital of a county with first-rate wine-growing areas. The palette of resources and, respectively, their exploitation to create added value, is a wide one, which must be made known to the young generation.

– In the sense of identity and culture, young people can learn through VINARIUM what is the universal quota they can reach, branding in a cultured way a generation, an area and the city where they live.

– This Partnership paves the way for an extracurricular education, VINARIUM offering in summary or in extenso information and scientific support, continuing education curricula.

– The axis of health, well-being, sport – is documented by VINARIUM and refers to biking routes, tracking through vineyards, the exploitation of the county’s current tourism and wellness inventory and the possibility of having a corollary in the Municipality of Ploiești.

– Apart from employment in the entire wine-growing area, the city of Ploiesti can be – following the model of the cities of Berlin, Bordeaux or Dusseldorf – the territory of the hospitality industry and creative industries that increase urban vitality: fairs, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, courses, conferences, in oenological key (Berliner Wine Trophy, Cité du Vin, Prowein).

– Wine tourism, the development of camper/caravan tourism on the A7 (like the Wine Highway) can outline a green tourism, with participants attentive to the environment, a material and image gain without altering the inherited ecosystem. The awareness of young people vis a vis all that means pollution (including “cultural”) – can generate actions and a modus vivendi in the spirit of effective ecology, the basis for sustainable development.

VINARIUM brings to Ploiești the competitive ENOVART movement, which guides young people towards upcycling, towards the art of recuperating the wine traditions of the area with local materials and inspirations.

VINARIUM has more than 50 international experts as guests in Ploiești who will know and communicate the Ploiești experience in their countries.