The wine market in Romania is a traditional large and strong one, with increased consumption (ranking 7th in Europe). Even so, it is considered an emerging market with rising consumption rates. Romania is based on a long history of indigenous viticulture (discoveries show a 7.000-year “longevity” in this land), but also on the new realities of recent years.

The active population is fond of wine and young people adopt the latest trends, identifying wine as a source of elegant recreation, social positioning and healthy lifestyle.

Imports have outpaced exports, proving that Romania has an open, cosmopolitan market.

The massive investment of foreign capital – in all economic branches – has brought tens of thousands of expatriates here. Besides them, we can add foreign students and the large number of visitors from all over the world.

Good quality entertainment is a relatively new feature in this country, but at the moment we have here some of the largest festivals in the world with hundreds of thousands of participants (see UNTOLD or NEVERSEA) and here too, some of the matches of the European Football Championship will take place.

Therefore, your wines could find a good place in Romanian retail or in restaurants, or in specialized stores.

A medal at IWCB VINARIUM – it shortens the “distance” between your wine and the end consumer, it puts a favourable light on the award-winning wine, and importers from Romania and around the world are mindful of the winemaker’s record.

So, an OIV-VINOFED medal serves you by opening new markets or by strengthening the position your wine has on any market in any country.