Bucharest, 8th of June : Thuesday, 6th of June , at Bragadiru Palace, Bucharest, took place the award ceremony of International Wine Contest Bucharest 2017. The contest was organized with the support of the City Hall of Bucharest and was hosted at ARCUB – Cultural Center of Bucharest.

“The growth of the IWCB 2017 was a qualitative one, limiting the “quantity”. We increased each jury panel from 5 to 7 members, reaching a total of 56 jurors. They can evaluate a limited number of samples per day, which is why we have authored a limit of up to 1700 titles. The 57.33% of samples from abroad are in this edition on a significantly higher number of wines sent directly by foreign producers, thus proving their confidence in IWCB and the importance of this competition, “says Catalin Paduraru, IWCB CEO.
1690 samples from 25 countries entered the competition. Samples from outside Romania accounted for 57.34% of the total survey. A total of 907 samples (representing 53.67% of total samples) obtained more than or equal to 82 points.
There have been awarded 528 medals:
• 3 Great Gold Medals (92 – 100 points)
• 212 Gold Medals (85 – 91,9 points)
• 313 Silver Medals (83,2 – 84,9 points)

The 3 Great Gold Medals were obtained by :
• Romania / LaCerta – Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
• Spain / Duck River Valley – Capilla Sixtina Pedro Himenez 1998
• Romania / Vincon Vrancea – Miorita 30 years

Top 10 countries, without organizing country, by number of entries:

1. Italy – 262 registered samples, 64 medals
2. Moldova – 188 registered samples, 67 medals
3. Bulgaria – 78 registered samples, 31 medals
4. France – 64 registered samples, 19 medals
5. Spain – 64 registered samples, 20 medals
6. Portugal – 60 registered samples, 23 medals
7. Australia – 46 registered samples, 22 medals
8. Greece – 41 registered samples, 8 medals
9. Hungary – 30 registered samples, 8 medals
10. Serbia – 26 registered samples, 8 medals

Romania registered 721 samples (42.7% of the total scores), 390 samples scored 82 or more (54.1% of the samples) and obtained 233 medals (42.23% of the total medals):

• 2 Great Gold Medals
• 85 Gold Medals (40,1% Of all Gold Medals)
• 136 Silver Medals (43,45% Of all Silver Medals)

Here you can see the full list of winners IWCB 2017.
IWCB is the most important international wine contest in Eastern Europe, organized by the National Vine and Wine Office (ONVPV), by ASER Wineconsulting, in partnership with the Romanian Authorized Tastings Association (ADAR).
The IWCB is under the auspices of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) and VINOFED (Federation of Worldwide International Wine Contests).
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Catalin Paduraru