International Wine Contest Bucharest
26 to 29 May

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Landmarks IWCB 2015

70 million of wine lovers, online readers from all over the world will know the wines awarded at International Wine Contest Bucharest 2015  (IWCB) due to Wine Spectator (

To this, it might be added visits on partner sites/publications from Romania or abroad. 

IWCB, the strongest contest of the South–East and Central Europe catches attention by the two new records:

  • 27 participant countries, of which 13 are new;
  • Almost 1000 samples sent for competition, 903 registered;

The appetite of the neighboring countries to be present within the contest proves the influence IWCB started to have around this part of the world. 

A rigurous examination, the presence of some experienced jurors both Romanian (10 members) and abroad (15 members), of the OIV observer, of an evaluation regulation, the verification and control methods increase public and wine producers’ confidence in the fairness in terms of hierarchy as IWCB symbols are reference for the consumer and argument for sale. 

The origin countries where jurors come from are: Switzerland, Israel, Moldova Republic, Italy, Russia, Serbia, Australia, Poland, Austria, Portugal, France, USA.

As an observer from the International Organization of Vine and Wine, Mario de la Fuente from Spain attended, the Head of the OIV Viticulture Commission. 

IWCB aims to assume a special status in a short time so that it may become the first free international wine contest in the world and leader in the elite "classic”contests.


Distribution of the samples by countries

  • 389 samples from Romania representing 44% of the total number;
  • 504 samples abroad representing 56% of the total number


The number of the operators who registered samples: 167, of which:

  • 67 Romanian producers;
  • 93 foreign producers:
  • 7 importers registered samples from 56 foreign producers;

280 medals were awarded (for 31%  of the samples within competition), 173 were Golden Medals and 107 were  Silver Medals.

484 samples got at least 82 points, meaning 54% of the total juried samples;

The highest score for a dry white wine, younger than  2009, was obtained by Temjanica 2014 Special Selection de la Tikves Winery, Macedonia.

The highest score for a dry red wine, younger than  2009, was obtained by the blend , Syrah, Carignan - Vino de Unicornio 738,  Chile (Tak Fung Holdings – from Hong Kong)

The highest score for a dry rose wine, younger than  2009, was obtained by the blend Cabernet Sauvignon and Feteasca Neagra 2014, Strabun, producer Vinum Capidava / The Darie Winery, Romania.

The greatest average for a white, Romanian variety – Feteasca Alba 2014 LIVIA – Mera Com/ The Girboiu Winery , Romania.

The greatest average for a red wine, Romanian variety – Feteasca Neagra 2012 Domenii, Casa de Vinuri Cotnari, Romania.

The greatest average for a collection wine (the production year: until 2009)

  • Pinot Gris 1980, SCDVV Murfatlar, Romania
  • Tamaioasa Romaneasca 1971, SCDVV Pietroasa, Romania

The brandy with the highest average 

  • Miorita 1985, Vincon Vrancea, Romania
  • Miorita, 1990, Vincon Vrancea, Romania

The highest average for the sparkling wines: Prosecco Rosalia extradry, Agricola Giusti, Italia.

The best selector from Romania – Vinexpert: 15 Golden Medals and 7 Silver Medals

The wine producer with the most awarded medals is Casa de Vinuri Cotnari, Romania

The country with the most medals awarded, after Romania: The Moldova Republic: 43 medals

The full list of the wines awarded with Silver and Gold at:

*Extra 10 samples which arrived after the start of the competition 



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