International Wine Contest Bucharest
26 to 29 May

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  • Because Romania is a big market and still growing and very “open minded”. In Romania we have one of the oldest wine making and drinking cultures in Europe but Romanian people are very open to test and taste wines from all countries
  • Because everyone from wine industry – importers, wine shops and bars owners, wine tasters and sommeliers consider IWCB as the expert from where they can receive credible and qualified information
  • Because IWCB has media partnerships in Romania and abroad, using them to disseminate information about IWCB awarded wines all over the world such as Wine Spectator, Global Wine and Spirits , Beverage Trade Network
  • Because Romanian people are active tourists and they will know what they are looking for, during their trips around the world, as they already know the winning wines from our contest.
  • Because IWCB judges are wine specialists and wine writers originating from interesting, mature and growing markets such as: USA, Germany, UK., China, Poland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel, France, Italy, etc 
  • Electronic assembling and interlocking system of samples evaluation performed by our judges.
  • Because it is good to be awarded TODAY at one of the biggest contest of TOMORROW. In 2016 we will have over 1200 wines from all the world. Growing rate of our contest in terms of number of contestants is of 30-40 %/year
  • IWCB has implemented a laboratory crosschecking system between the awarded and market-delivered wines.
  • Because IWCB is a wine contest organized according to all OIV rules in terms of samples blind tasting, wines evaluation and winners designation
  • Because “..., we think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”


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